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Private Sunset Sail Key West

March 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

Intimate Private Charters are a specialty aboard the S/V High Tide

Sunset sailing is one of the biggest night time attractions to Key West.  The colors are magical, the mood is set by the tranquility of the waters.  So how do you enjoy that privately?  Sunset Sail Key West offers 6 pack charters (6 people) for those that want to escape the crowds and return to the good ole days, and enjoy it all to your own.

 Sunset Sail Key West operates the S/V High Tide.  This boat has a lot of history from its roots in Key West.  High Tide is a 33' Glander Sloop.  Its shallow draft allows you to sail into areas the big schooners cant reach.  This ability gives you a new perspective and view of the beauty of The Florida Keys & Key West backcountry.  The untouched and protected landscapes that we seek.  You enjoy peaceful trips, that let you connect with nature, insuring ultimate relaxation.

When approaching this job I had but one thing in mind.  Show what the classics offered.  The mystique and draw to this boat is personal.  I helped with the restoration 2 years ago, and she looks like she just came off the showroom floor.  The blood, the sweat, the tears.  Combine all of that and you have the S/V High Tide, Sunset Sail Key West's first boat.  When you get to the dock, you are greeted with artisian cheese's and all of the vessels to enjoy your favorite libation.  The crew presents it with intimacy, thus starting the trip of right from the start.

You and your companions fit comfortably into the cockpit and you are off.  Showcasing the design and grace of an objects geometric shape is first and foremost for me.  Showing the ease, the comfort, and the draw.  The sails are full with wind, the company of friends are happy, and you have one of your favorite movie re-enactments blossoming.  The private charter lets you connect with the captain and the crew, thus feeding your energy from their love of the boat and waters.

With the shallow draft, you are able to get yourself into pristine sandy bottom waters.  Explore sponges, lobster, dolphins and on this day a spotted eagle ray giving birth.  The boat offers a dive ladder, which gives you ease into and out of the waters.  Anchor up, jump in and explore.  Most of the schooners in Key West sit deep in the water, creating restrictions of where you can go.  High Tide gets into more protected waters, thus boosting the levels of interactions with marine life.

When you want to get out on the water for a morning/day or sunset sail, Sunset Sail Key West is where you should start.  Whether its a wedding, a proposal, a special date, or gathering of friends they have something to offer.  Comfortable, courteous, and classic.  Three words that capture the mystique of the Old Key West.


Seth Salzmann - Owner- Sunset Sail Key West(non-registered)
When we called Mike and asked him to arrange this photo shoot, we only had a general Idea of what we wanted to express. If you look at the photos and read Mike's descriptions you won't need me to tell you how good of a job he did. Actually it was superb! We did get a beautiful still day, with great water visibility and perfect conditions for a short sail to our "secret" snorkel location. Mike Freas, a long time and true Key West success story (I like to think, I'm one too) has built himself a well deserved reputation for quality photos, a quick turnover and exceptional professionalism! As you can see I highly recommend his services.
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