Trust Me Im A Local: A Behind-The-Scenes look at the calendar

September 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Flashback to September of 2014.  Two people who have never met before, cross paths all because of a bright yellow flag, and how it looks in a photograph.  One person associated with beer, the other fresh into sobriety.  Who would ever think they could become friends?

I met Jose of Islamorada Beer Company while working an event in Key West.  I was drawn to his companies tent because of there Sandbar Sunday logo.  It was soft, edgy, and just worked for the setting.  We began talking and I realized these were people who cared more than just about their beer.  They cared about where they were from, where they lived, and how to keep it progressing in a positive direction.  After a few product shots, and the infamous swan dive into the pool, a friendship was formed.

Flash forward to 2015.  Jose and I kept in touch, and we bounced ideas off each others heads.  I had always wanted to create a calendar, and approached Jose about this.  I asked him if this was something Islamorada Beer Co would be interested in doing with me.  We talked about it and started brainstorming.  I never thought it would take the course that it has.

May of 2015 rolls around and this idea has become a reality.  We were able to acquire some major sponsors, and came to a consensus that we needed to give back, to an area that has given so much to us.  The Florida Keys & Key West is home to the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States, and the third largest in the world.  It is one of the biggest attractions to the Keys, and the best part its free!  So this is all the more reason that we need to protect it.


 We decide on Reef Relief and the summer Coral Camp.  It gives kids the summer to gain education about restoration, and preservation of our delicate reef systems.  Through our sales of our Trust Me Im A Local calendar, 100% of our sales will go to benefit this charity.

Our concept is simple:  Florida Keys + Lifestyle + Fun

This calendar was shot in 3 hot, sweaty, intense days.  I think as a photographer I pushed myself to the breaking point.  I didnt have an assistant, and had to coordinate with my makeup artist, Amber Hogue, and have her be the second voice of reasoning.  Scarlett Osborne of SOS Swimwear was up on day 2 to help me style and we gained some great images.   Here is a little look into the 3 days of shooting.


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