Florida Keys Wedding Photography - How to plan for a photographer.

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Why do people want to get married in the Keys?  What type of photographer is the right photographer?  What should you focus on?

These are three questions that I always ask potential brides.  It helps me get the reasoning, the vision, and the end result.  Why do I ask this?  It helps me know that my visions and their's is the same.  It helps me get that end result, and provide them with imagery to last a lifetime!

When I speak to brides, I really pride myself in letting them know why I am the right choice.  I use my experiences and knowledge, to flow with images like the ones you see above.  What in the photograph above sticks out to you?  Do you see anything else?  Maybe a boat that is mysteriously off in the distance motoring home from a long day on the water.  Using elements like this brings everything together.  The Couple, The Landscape, The Keys!

When people come to the Florida Keys to get married, they come here for a reason.  Its not because its another place.  They come here for the environment.  They come here for the mystique.  So why do I not see that a lot in the imagery?  I think one thing that is one of the most important parts of my photography, is telling the story, but also showing the story.  After all, my referrals and my backdrops are what keep me shooting.  Its what keeps couples happy.  

Whether is be on a boat, a church, or a beach you can find something unique about it, and something only in the Florida Keys you will find.  Look for design elements that are unique, architecture, or that random boat that just came out of nowhere.  

Opening up the zoom just a little, show the atmosphere that is present.  Yes your couple is the main focus, but make sure that you showcase what the draw for them was.  Ask them questions.  What do they like to do when they visit paradise?  What drew them to the islands?  Again, end result!  You take all of this, bundle it all together, and then produce imagery that contains all.  To me that is a winner, and a happy Bride and Groom!



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